How To Gain More Local Business


Marketing and promotion as a local small business owner is a challenge. Firstly, you want your company to get the recognition it deserves, but it’s difficult to establish a reputation. Local area marketing is important for any business but even more so for small businesses starting out. Follow this helpful guide for tips on how to capture more business locally.

1. Digital

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because your business is small you don’t need an online presence. This is a harmful misconception and will keep a small business from expanding and growing. Digital tactics your business should be utilising include website, email, online directories, SEO, online display, paid search, and mobile- first display/search.

2. Social Media

Social Media is another digital option for a business to take advantage of. Many consumers look to platforms like Facebook and Instagram for products or services as well as reviews and pictures. Use social media as a way to engage with your customers and they’re more likely to return and to share your page with others.

3. Citation sites

Local business owners in UK should take advantage of local citation sources – such as yell, yelp, google maps, facebook, Thomson Local, Trust Pilot etc. They are a free way to gain instant marketing to local people searching online.

Citation building is also an important part of local SEO, and building and maintaining an accurate and truly local set of citations is key.

Make sure those in your local area know about your business with citation sites

4. Local Events

Local events bring people of all backgrounds, ages, and interests together. If you host a gathering in your town to promote your business, you’ll allow others to get to know you and your brand on a more personal level.

For local events it may be a good idea to partner with another local business, creating a hashtag for the event to promote on social media, offering a giveaway, or anything that might make the event – and your company – memorable. Don’t forget to promote your event in the local media – and watch your business take off as a result.

Working with other businesses in your area to create an event could benefit you both

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