What is Responsive Design?


If you’re looking into getting a website, and talking to designers or looking at their websites, you may have come across the phrase “responsive design.”

Put simply, responsive design refers to the method of designing web pages that automatically appear in their optimized form on all devices.

Your website will be reformatted for all screen sizes so your website visitors can easily interact with your site no matter what device they’re using. Due to the rapid increase in mobile usage in recent years responsive design is a must for website design.

In 2018 studies showed 56% of consumer traffic to websites was from mobiles. This figure has been steadily increasing year on year. For this reason, it is vital to have a responsive design for your site and ensure it looks beautiful, is easy to navigate, and functions well whatever device the viewer is using.

At Honeypot Websites we use responsive design as standard for all websites, so you can rest assured your site will look excellent and function well on all platforms.

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