How To Start An Online Business


Have you ever dreamt of being able to run your own business? Hoping to be your own boss and possibly work from home? Follow the tips below for the best chance of success with your online venture.

Find A Need

Many people make the mistake of focusing on a product or service they want to sell, rather than firstly looking at what there is a market for. Ideas on how to establish things there is a need for, include visiting online forums to see what questions people ask and what problems they’re trying to solve. You could also do keyword research to find keywords that a lot of people are searching, but for which not many sites are competing.

Write Fantastic Copy

From rousing interest with a compelling headline to describing your product and how it can solve customers problems to adding written testimonials from customers, your copy is what will draw customers in. If you’re not experienced in copy writing, Honeypot Websites offer copywriting services for all budgets and needs. Throughout your copy, you should focus on how your product or service is uniquely able to solve people’s problems or make their lives better. Think like a customer and ask “What’s in it for me?

Design and build your website

More and more businesses moving online, therefore the most successful businesses are those who develop their digital presence. Your website is vital to capture the attention of your audience and engage with them.
Your design should be simple and easy to navigate, with copy and images which draw the viewer in. Don’t forget to design your website with responsive design across all devices. With 60% of e-commerce website views now coming from mobile browsing, it’s important that your site looks fantastic across all platforms.

If you’re not experienced and confident in designing your own site, you can get expert help to ensure your site stands out from the competition. At Honeypot Websites, all our websites are designed for mobile first and optimized across all devices. This ensures a future proof website. We offer a fully bespoke web design to support your business goals and branding. Our user first design will ensure high usability, accessibility, and user satisfaction.

Use email marketing

Email marketing can help you to turn visitors into customers. By compiling a list of visitors email addresses, you’re creating one of the most valuable assets of your online business. Your customers and subscribers have given you permission to send them email. That means you’re not only giving them something they asked for, but you’re also developing relationships with them too.

Email marketing campaigns are 100% measurable in terms of results. They also have the benefit of being cheaper than print, TV or radio advertising. Honeypot Websites can help run your email marketing campaign if you think this is something that could benefit your business to get in touch now.

Develop an expert reputation

Your website and social media accounts will allow you to develop a reputation as an expert in your field.
People use the internet to find information. Provide that information for free to other sites, and you’ll see more traffic and better search engine rankings. The secret is to always include a link to your site with each piece of information.

Engage with customers

Social Media is fantastic for allowing businesses to engage with their customers, and to easily update them with information, events or sales. Regular articles or posts to your social media accounts linking back to your website will assist your search engine ranking, and the best thing about social media for business marketing is it’s free! However if you don’t have the time to dedicate to daily articles on social media, let a professional help, and see the difference it could make for your business. Honeypot Websites offer a social media plus package, with 60 unique posts a month, helping you to build awareness of your brand, at the same time as assisting in your search engine optimisation. Give us a call today.

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