Does My Small Business Need A Website?

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At Honeypot Websites, we speak to many small business owners, who sometimes question whether or not they need their own website. Here we break down the reasons why in 2019 it is vital for any business to have an online presence and it’s own website.

There are many benefits a website can provide to your business. Honeypot Websites takes you through some of the reasons you should have your own website.

Capture the growing online Market

In today’s market, access to the internet is essential and customers now expect the businesses they want to use to have an internet presence. It provides confidence and reassurance in using your company and it’s services or products, and enables customers to easily find you.

In fact, 70% of all internet users access the internet daily. Consider how many of those people could find your business’s website through a Google search, or how many current customers will be able to continue engaging with your brand?

In essence, not having a website of your own can seriously hinder your business’s potential for reaching out and engaging new and existing customers.

It’s one thing to engage well with your customers on social media, and while this is vital, a website serves a different function. A website provides a centralized location for all business needs, information, and purchasing options. You may find that not enough people are actually becoming customers without a website.

Aside from the practical reasons of adapting to your customers’ purchasing habits, a website should also function as an important key marketing tool throughout the life of your business. While social media is a useful tool for your marketing efforts, the website should always be the core.

For example, instead of writing a long post on Facebook try writing a longer post as an article on your website and then link to it through your social media platforms.

Benefit from Search Engine Optimisaion

Having a content-rich site can also benefit you in terms of the number of customers who come across your business. High-quality and well-written content, as well as relevant pages on your site, means that you’re more likely to show up higher in search engines for whatever industry-relevant subjects potential customers are looking for. This search engine optimization is vital in terms of succeeding over your competitors for customers’ business. If your website is better designed than a competitor’s, then those customers are more likely to do business with you over anyone else.

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