How To Attract More Customers Online In Tamworth

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For any small business or entrepreneur, the biggest question they will be asking themselves, especially when starting out, is how to attract more customers.

The digital age means more and more people are finding products and services online rather than in person. Therefore any small business owner needs to be on top of their game in terms of capturing the online market.

Below are some top tips for capturing more business in the area of Tamworth.

Have A Fantastic Website

No matter where you are in the world, having a fantastic website which is beautiful, functional, easy to use and easy to find on Google is a priority for any business. There are benefits to using a local website design company. One of these is they are able to meet in person to discuss the design and have you involved along the process of building the website, which is often more effective than always communicating by phone and email.

Another benefit to using a local company is that they know and understand your target market, as they are located within the area.

Honeypot Websites, based in Tamworth have an offer on at the moment for £100 off all web design packages. Not only that they also offer free hosting for one year! There’s never been a better opportunity to promote your Tamworth business with a beautiful bespoke website.

Press Release to Local Newspapers

Business owners often underestimate the power of press releases, or think that they don’t have anything newsworthy enough to warrant a release.

Anything from the launch of a website, to an offer or event you have on, to a famous customer who used your product or service can make a fantastic topic for a press release.

Don’t forget to keep important dates in mind – depending on the nature of your business, dates such as Mothers Day, Christmas Day, Easter, can all be worthy of creating a promotion or press release around.

In terms of distribution, you can google newspapers and media outlets and send press releases individually, or you can use a paid distribution service in order to reach the most outlets and increase your chances of being published.

In Tamworth, the Tamworth Herald is the main newspaper to contact, and the Express and Star would also welcome Tamworth based press releases.

Use Local Social Media Pages

Every local area will have social media pages dedicated to news and businesses in that area, and Tamworth is no different. There are social media pages you can take advantage of for free, such as Spotted Tamworth, Tamworth Business to Business and Tamworth Business Network, to name a few.

By taking advantage of promoting your business on these sites, you can ensure you are targeting the local audience in Tamworth, and best of all it is completely free!

To find out more about promoting your business locally contact Honeypot Websites now and speak to one of their experts.

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